What To Write About Being An E-Sport Junkie And How To Start

If you are in this spot, you’ve got writer’s block. But it’s nowhere near as close to what players get when they’ve got tennis elbow or athlete’s foot. Having athlete’s foot is not confined to the track and field athlete. It can pretty much affect any regular sports active man or woman, amateur or professional. If they’re professional, they would have been able to avoid this problem of fungal foot disease because they are well up to date with their foot hygiene requirements.

Sports oriented gamers, of course, won’t be having this problem either, because of course, they’ll be spending most of their time in front of their desktop. Professional tennis players, however, can get tennis elbow, no matter how much they’ve done off the court to prevent this. If you go to online news and gaming sites like esportsjunkie.com you’ll soon see just how crammed the professional circuit is right now.

And if the tennis players are not engaged in regular matches, they’re still on the courts for many hours of practice time. Practice makes perfect. Just ask any regular grand slam winner. That shouldn’t be too difficult because there aren’t that many around and they are the cream of the crop. They’re on social media and it doesn’t look like they’ve got writer’s block. At this stage of the article, it looks as though the writer’s block has gone away here.

Writer’s block is what dedicated online scribes get when they’ve run out of words or superlatives on how to best describe an event. Go back to the above gaming site example and you will not find any evidence of writer’s block. These guys have got their fingers on the button if you will. They are firing on all cylinders to bring you regular updates on what’s been happening in your regular gaming world. Of course, it does help that they’re experts on their subject matter.


It matters a lot to online gamers that their scribe is as knowledgeable about the regular happenings in the NFL or baseball. It also helps a great deal that these online scribes seem to have a lot more knowledge on online gaming and all its tools and skills that regular players have. Regular players are also encouraged to feed these experts with their own comments and feedback.